Friday, January 29, 2016

Let me go home

I didn't write my 5-bullet post last week because I was down with the flu. At that point it was my 2nd day down with fever. So that means today is Day 10. Not with fever anymore, now just cold symptoms. I did get a flu shot this year, though I think it was my last. I've been following a particular dietician-type (T.C. Hale) and he does not recommend flu shots.

Netflix episode I liked: Chelsea does racism. I don't really know who Chelsea Handler is on account of I don't have cable. I did gather that she has a show on some cable channel.  I don't think her interview skills are perfect but I loved the episode.

In that same vein, article I liked: I'm So Damn Tired of Slave Movies. Really should be required reading for all Hollywood producers.

Podcast I'm loving - Home: Stories from L.A. It's so well-produced! Beautiful radio. Excellent replacement for a similar extremely high-quality show that had been based in Portland...but the gal decided to quit.

Beach Boys historic landmark, unknown photographer. From episode 2.

My new favorite coconut water: C2O. I used to drink ONE but the taste changed recently, so I had to find something else.

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