Friday, December 18, 2015

My Friday Five

My word for 2016: Listen. Not because I think I'm a bad listener. But because I think of it as a one-word way of saying Be Here Now. Not staring at a screen while my kids are in the room. Listen to my kids. Listen to Mike. Listen to my heart, my gut, my self. Listen to music and podcasts and audiobooks. Listen to birdsong and rain. Listen to the world around me and really realize there is more to life than my own world.

Quote I'm pondering: We choose our excuses. They don't choose us. (James Altucher)

December book sales so far (Dec 1-18): 235. That's paid sales, for money, to people who weren't obligated to buy. #OMG!!!!!

I was asked to teach my "power outage preparation" class to a group of women tomorrow. I'm excited to do it and was excited to be asked. I always give away GoPicnic boxes as door prizes and I will be doing that tomorrow as well. (Not an affiliate link, I just like them.)

Something I made: this awesome pom-pom bracelet.

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