Friday, November 20, 2015

I only think in the form of crunching numbers

It's been a long time since I wrote a proper blog post. I kind of forgot how or I got uncomfortable being "vulnerable" (I put in quotes since it is so trendy to be vulnerable right now). But forget that, let's just dive in, a stream of consciousness post to get back into the groove.

So many wins and losses that they all blur together. The awesome thing is that my mood is so high that the wins overpower the losses such that I don't even care about the losses and I'm not just saying that to try to convince myself. I read the strangest post on FB (wait, WHA? you're on FB?? NO, I'm not) that seemed to be a rant against happiness or the (again) trend to remind us all to be happy. If I remember correctly, the post started by quoting someone who said something about embracing all emotions. We're not happy ALL the time. And I get that. But then the person turned it around and seemed to be saying that since happiness is so trendy that she was going to reject happiness and seek out despair, I guess, because that's obviously healthier.

The thing is, that is BS. Negativity bias is a scientific fact. Which means that our brains are kind of out to get us and it does make sense to seek out happiness and practice gratitude and consciously make an effort to remind ourselves that things are good. Great. Amazing.

I was going to say that is one thing I'm pondering. But I'm not pondering it. It is not wasting space in my head. What I did want to do was a numbered list, like Tim Ferriss does, although he really bugs me with his use of pyschedelics though I'm not entirely sure why that bugs me. That's 2 things I'm not pondering.

3. Something I'm watching. The TV show Awake which is on Netflix and Mike has already watched the entire season but he introduced it to me after I told him about the Fringe-ology book I read and he recognized that at least one thing in that book is in the TV show. So we are watching it together and I really like it.

4. Something that's keeping me organized. Yes, me, the most organized person in this house anyway. I've gone back to the brain dump method and the very second I think of anything I want to do, ever, I put it on ToDoist. Now one problem is that one time I didn't put something on ToDoist and then I didn't do it and I missed a deadline and now it is too late. I think that proves the brain dump method does work but only if you are religious about it.

5. Something I'm writing. I have a lot of projects but I added another cookbook to the list. It's things you wouldn't normally think you can cook in a Crockpot. Notice that I didn't say it's things you should cook in a Crockpot. But things you could. I want to publish that one really soon.

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