Monday, June 22, 2015

Libby's dance recital

 Libby's ballet class performed their big recital a couple of weekends ago.  She did 2 choreographed dances, and a sort of free dance finale with the other little girls.

We just love watching Libby's performances because she exudes so much joy, that even the other parents comment to me about her.

I think that says a lot, because unless it's just self-centered ol' me, if my kid is on stage then I'm not usually looking at anyone else's kid.  But Libby seems to kind of get your attention.  We weren't allowed to take video.  Just a few shots here and there.  But look at Libby (2nd from left) compared to all the other girls in the photo below.  You can see she can barely contain her joy.  Click photo to make larger.

 Even when the song was almost over, Libby let out this squeal of joy that the audience could hear over the music, and everyone laughed.  Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Here's a shot from the little girl finale.

We are so proud of ballerina Libby!

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