Sunday, June 07, 2015

Cornstarch for beach trips

Yesterday we went on a day trip to the beach. You can read all about it on the photo blog.

I packed this corn starch in our beach bag, and it was great for getting the sand off of our skin!  I had previously read that baby powder was good for this use.  But I didn't have any baby powder and I am trying not to spend money needlessly.  So I just grabbed the tub of corn starch.  After our beach trip we walked back to our car.  By the time we were at the car, we should have been dry and able to brush the sand off easily.  But you know how that never really works.  I got the girls' clean clothes that I'd brought for them to change in to.  Then I undressed them on a towel, and grabbed a handful of cornstarch and rubbed it all over them.  Then I rubbed them with another towel, and voila, they were all clean and dry and able to enjoy the rest of the day without sand rashes.

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Vonnie said...

Awesome tip!! I'll have to remember this one :)


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