Monday, May 04, 2015

Ginger candy fail

I tested a ginger candy recipe that I found on the web, via Pinterest.  Mike told me not to test it, since, as I've mentioned before, virtually all food bloggers' recipes are meant to be photographed, but not eaten.  So, after Mike warned me, I checked the web for similar ginger candy recipes.  I had to report back to Mike that there seem to be only 2 ginger candy recipes in existence: Alton Brown's, and the other one that I had in my hand, that no one ever seems to have copied.  Mike thought that was "case closed", but I soldiered on and insisted that I wanted to test the unique recipe.

I followed the instructions exactly.

so far, so good

draining excess syrup
sugared 24 hrs later, looks exactly like blog photo

so pretty

All done


1 comment:

Shannon Kristine Croft said...

LOL! You should submit that to Pinstrosity.


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