Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I can see for miles and miles

I have one of those sleep disorders where you wake up 100 times a night.  I think it started during pregnancy and it just never stopped.  However, I'm not tired during the day, so I guess it's not a problem.

Anyway, over the past several years, this issue (or perhaps it's just my age) has helped me realize that I do have a type of recurring dream.  Several times per night when I actually remember waking, I often can remember my dream, and have come to realize that places that seemed "new" in my dream, are actually locations that I have dreamed many times before.  The dream itself is not recurring, but the location is.

I used to believe that you could not dream a location that you haven't actually seen before (in reality or on TV), but now I'm not sure.  I know that many of my dream locations are based on real locations, but I'm not quite sure where the other parts come from.

Here are some recurring locations for my dreams.  I can see them now, with very detailed floor plans/maps:

  • An apartment building, with 2 elevators and a parking structure
  • An amusement park
  • An office building with a parking structure
  • At least 2 different cities with downtown areas, beaches, etc
  • A tropical island
  • A train station
  • A rural road in California
  • The state of Washington - I realize this is weird but my dream state of Washington is different from the actual state of Washington
  • The globe - in these dreams and the Washington dreams I would describe them as though I am in the map. 

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