Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our new police car

The big news I must write about before I run out of coffee is that yesterday we bought a new (to us) car.  My poor 14-year-old VW has old age and we put a ton of money into it this year, yet it still has to go to the shop every month or so.  This last time around the mechanic told us the various repairs will be $3500, and that was basically my magic number for getting a new car.

Mike shopped around and chose a 2008 Crown Victoria.  He called me on the phone to tell me.

My first reaction was no, no, NO I don't want a car that is associated with senior citizens and gang members.

Mike says, don't forget police's a former police car!!

Me:  Please stop joking.

Oh, but he wasn't, and I went back with him and paid for the car.  I agreed to it for 2 reasons. One, the price was right and the car had "low" miles for a used car (under 100k), and two, I figured a 2008 vehicle interior wouldn't really look like the 1978 former-police-car interior that I had originally visualized.

I was wrong on that 2nd count.

I did not know that 2008 vehicles could possibly have such ugly dashboards, hard black plastic with absolutely no amenities at all, but now I know.  Oh and you might as well know the exterior also screams former-police-car where the all-white body has holes in the front and rear bumpers from where the extra police gear was removed, but we do get to keep the spotlight that is mounted on the driver side...yay.

I will post pictures when we pick up the car. It's being serviced now. But Mae is awake, so I'm signing off.

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