Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday morning coffee post

Some people have asked about Mae after seeing the updates on the photo blog.  Her celiac test came back "inconclusive", but her real problem that day, revealed by the x-ray, was that she was really backed up in the intestines.  I think this is caused by poor diet (she doesn't eat anything) rather than gluten intolerance.  The doctor says her intestines don't work right and she has to take Miralax every day for 3 months and then we can see if her intestines are fixed.  It's working like a charm and she is doing much better.  We don't intend to do additional celiac testing.

Our nanny has been having some problems in life and we've had to switch to an alternate nanny in our home for a couple weeks.  Mike and I also arranged our work schedules so we only need a nanny 2 days a week right now.  I hesitate to say any more, only because it would just be my same old rant.  The first nanny is trying to get her life back together and things may be different in about 30 days.  I can't wait for the day when I'm a SAHM if for no other reason than I won't have to deal with nannies anymore.

Our vegetable garden is doing well, at least the part that is under the netting.  We started carrots and lettuce from seed and they are growing up nicely with no problems.  All the other starts are staying strong.  Our raspberries greatly multiplied from the 3 sticks that we planted last year.  3 blueberry plants still alive from last year, as well as our blackberry.  Strawberries survived the winter, which surprised me.

I had my last trip to Seattle this week.  Looking forward to not traveling for work anymore.  I have to admit it is hard being the "temp" at work.  First because it means I have limited authority.  I have to focus on cleaning up the immediate mess, but I can't really do long term changes.  2nd because it means I have to leave and sometimes that is sad.  So this assignment is pretty much over and my next temp job starts July 1 in Pasadena.  I'll spend the next few weeks finishing up training the Seattle staff and then getting my own training for my next assignment.  Also I'm taking a week off in June when Mike's mom is coming to visit, my first paid vacation in many years.

Mike and I got bows and arrows.  We go shoot at a place in Portland, though we also got a target for our yard as well.

I dissolved my Meetup group because it was too expensive to organize when only one person shows up to each meeting.

Libby will be 4 next week and we plan to give her a bicycle.  You can not ride on our street, which is on a hill and has no sidewalks and is kind of gravelly anyway, so that means we'll have to drive her someplace to ride.  I think there is a church parking lot around the corner that is relatively flat.  She's also been asking for a loft bed, so we have plans to build one for her.  Trying to get the materials next week while Mike is on a one-week break between school quarters.

Out of coffee, signing off.

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