Friday, February 07, 2014


Since I work at home, and since I have little kids, my daily uniform has long consisted of jeans and long sleeve Tshirts from Target.  Then a few months ago I discovered the blog , which has some basic style tips that are geared toward everyday clothing.  I started using some of the tips, and people noticed right away.  The girls' day care provider commented that I always look so "put together", and Mike noticed the tiny details and commented on them too.  Just little things like adding a belt, or cuffing my sleeves, he would notice.

But now that I've gotten the Seattle job, suddenly I've had to re-think my limited office wardrobe.  My previous work travels were in 80-100 degree weather, with door-to-door transportation.  My job in Seattle requires a lot of walking outdoors and through SEA-TAC, in rain/ice/snow.  So I've had to very quickly come up with a Seattle-friendly wardrobe.  Neither my LA wardrobe nor my DC wardrobe works.  "You need 4 suits," Mike tells me.  Shopping!

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