Sunday, February 16, 2014


Just so you know, this post will once again be influenced by my Seattle job.  I told you, it's all-consuming and affects every part of my life.  Including my shoes.

I bought 4 new pairs of shoes just so I can go to Seattle once a week.  I might return 2 pairs.  I'm not sure yet.

But my Portland shoes are actually knee-high fur-lined boots, like all other gals in Portland.  I resisted that trend for several years.  Pants tucked into boots? Yuck! I said 3 years ago.  But I finally gave in.  Otherwise I'd have wet feet.

My previous work wardrobe was for LA or DC.  Footwear was open-toed sandals.

I can't wear open-toed sandals to Seattle and I don't care to wear knee-high boots through airport security. AAAnd that's why I had to buy a new pair of shoes.  And then 3 more pairs.

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