Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gluten free future

After experimenting for a few days we have just confirmed that poor little Mae Mae is gluten intolerant.  I had no idea!  She had several symptoms and we just did not realize.  She's such a happy 2 year old but for the last month or so she had a troubling diaper rash, so when it was diaper time, then she was unhappy.  I remembered that when Libby was a tiny baby she had a serious rash the first time she had cereal.  It was so bad that I had to withhold the cereal until she was older to see if she outgrew the allergy (she did).  So we decided to withhold wheat from Mae's diet for 2 days and see what happened.  2 days became 4 because she did not cooperate in the diaper area.  Finally she cooperated and there was no rash.  hmmm.

Then we looked up wheat allergy symptoms in diaper-wearing babies.  Pimply rash on the butt cheeks.  Check.
Protruding stomach.  Check.

But I thought her protruding stomach was cute.  I had a protruding stomach when I was a kid.  All my life I was one of those kids that never had a flat stomach.  So when I saw Mae's stomach I didn't think anything of it.

Protruding stomach.  After the 4 day experiment I stood Mae up and looked at her tummy.  It was flat.  I almost cried.  I went and got Mike.  "Is her stomach sticking out?"  He said, "Definitely not as much as it did before."  Oh, poor baby Mae Mae.  Except she didn't know she was poor baby Mae Mae.  She has been fine and happy.  But I can't help feeling sorry.

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