Thursday, July 25, 2013

A significant conversation

I had to wake Mae for day school this morning.  She was in a deep sleep and took a while to wake up.  Later as I was driving the girls to their day school, I heard this conversation behind me.

Mae: I'm tired.
Libby: You can't be tired, you just woke up.

The reason this conversation is significant is because:

1) It may be the first time I've heard Mae express herself in a sentence that didn't start with "I want" or "I don't want", and wasn't a yes or no question, and wasn't just her repeating something she'd just heard or memorized.  Although to be honest I am not positive she didn't just say "I'm tired" as a memorized reflex after yawning or something.

2) I think it may also be the first time that I heard Libby listen to Mae, digest what Mae said, and then respond with something logical.  Again, if they have conversations it is usually Libby asking Mae a yes or no question and then Mae responding, or some memorized call and response game.

Mae had her 2-year checkup yesterday.  The new doctor we hired after firing the last one is REALLY nice.  I am still disappointed that the office that is walking distance from our house didn't work out, but I'm glad the incident led us to find the new doctor.  Mae did not like the doctor visit.  She cried while giving her height and weight and blood pressure, although she did seem to like having her ears examined.  That part must have tickled.  I had to report to the doctor that Mae's left foot turns in when she walks, and that she has Incredible Hulk style tantrums.  The doctor said it is ok but call her if it gets worse.

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Shannon Kristine Croft said...

When Tommy was in preschool, he would go half-day, so I would pick him up right when the whole day kids were being awoken from their naps.
Some woke quietly, but others would be in full rage. Once, a mom from Bulgaria was there picking up her kid when that was happening. She told me that in her country it is said to never wake a child that is sleeping. For when children sleep, their soul leaves their body and goes traveling and on adventures. If you wake the child before they are ready, the soul does not have time to get back to the child which is why they act completely different when woke up.
Interesting way of looking at it!


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