Sunday, June 09, 2013

Mike's been in Spokane for a few days for school.  He's on his way back tonight.

On Saturday evening the girls went to their daycare, leaving me all alone for a few hours.  The daycare has a free Saturday night once a month, see.  I hardly knew what to do with myself.  I was actually kind of bored and I missed the kids.  I know this makes no sense at all.  The part about being bored, not the part about missing the girls.  But I had made the mistake of not planning anything in advance, except for coloring my hair.  So after I colored my hair (20 minutes) I was kind of confused as to what to do next.  The number of choices I had was so overwhelming, I couldn't decide.  I ended up running a couple of errands and filling the freezer some more.  With pre-made foods, nothing from scratch.  It's too hot to cook right now.  Then I worked on organizing my recipes.  I have my recipes in several different places, and I want to consolidate them and back them up.  A few days after I made this decision, one of my recipe apps failed and lost all my data.  I contacted the developer but I only got an apology back, saying it was a known bug.  Luckily, I had actually anticipated that this might happen, so I didn't lose a whole lot of data.  The event just seemed to prove my case in point.

So now it's Sunday 6pm and the kids had a funky schedule today and now they are actually both in bed for the night, since it can't be a nap at 6pm.  That's 3-4 hours earlier than they usually go to bed, so here I am with extra time on my hands that I didn't plan for.  It's bewildering.

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