Sunday, June 23, 2013

I caught a glimpse of the supermoon last night as the cloud cover got thicker.  Today it is raining, and it's expected to rain for several days, so I don't think I'll be able to shoot the moon tonight at all.  But at least I saw it.  Someday I hope to be someplace where there's a really big supermoon view and I can get that money shot.

The kids are doing great.  Libby is smart and beautiful and really tries to be a good girl although sometimes she has to be reminded.  Like, when you remind her to "share" and "don't take things out of Mae's hand" and she says "I have to wait my turn."  She still speaks British (I cawn't) and now Mae is catching on and also says "I cawn't".  She knows the last letter of the alphabet is pronounced "zee", but loves to taunt me by saying "zed" which usually results in a shouting and tickle match.  Zed! Zee! Zed! ZEEEEE!

Mae is also smart and beautiful and says new words and sentences every day.  She is in that stage where it is almost too fast to write down all the new things she does every day.  She no longer takes a cup or bottle to bed, and she sleeps really well.  She's memorized her favorite books and can "read" them to me.  One of them is Who's There, Spot?  She also loves to sing "head, shoulders, knees and toes" which sounds like "head, sowie, mistletoe" when she says it.  In fact her pronunciation of just about everything is still very much like baby talk, though she does know very many words.

I made apricot-honey-Tuaca jam, no added pectin, the other day.  Proud of my jam-making skills.  Not that it's hard to make jam.  But I realized as I was reading the recipe that was from the state of Washington's website, that the recipe was not worded for beginners.  And I knew what all the words and terms meant.  Ha!  The apricots were from Washington and the honey was from Canby, the next town over.  Making jam was my fun that day.

Meetup isn't going too well at the moment.  It's hard to coordinate people in the summer.  I hope it revitalizes in the fall.  But I did promote a couple of members to co-organizer with me, since they were already taking it upon themselves to organize it anyway.  If nothing else I am very grateful to have met them and now they are my friends.

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