Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes 2

The closing date on my house purchase was supposed to be yesterday.  It didn't happen.  The mortgage insurer was refusing to insure me.

I was very disappointed to learn that in real estate transactions there is evidence of what they call pregnancy discrimination or maternity leave discrimination.  All of these are expressly prohibited by the Fair Housing Act.

After a lot of ridiculousness that was just stalling for time and looking for reasons not to insure me, I spoke with my banker.  Since my loan was not refused (yet) I did not threaten filing a discrimination complaint.  I also agreed to allow my employer to provide personal information that was irrelevant to the loan.  However, I did use the words "HIPAA violation" and "dangerous road", to which my banker responded with "discriminatory" and said the bank would fight on my behalf.

Evidently "HIPAA violation" was the magic phrase.  That's exactly when my banker changed her tune and she said that is what changed the mortgage insurer's mind as well. 

Supposedly we will close by Friday, but there are still 5 more steps in the process, I think?  So, I'm really jaded and don't quite believe it.

Would this have gone differently if my husband were buying the house with me?  Due to his student loans, we were advised to leave him out of it, so the contract is only in my name.

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