Sunday, January 27, 2013

My 365 is back

I decided to start doing My 365 again.  I'd always intended to maintain the photo blog, but I mean I started following the project leader's prompts mid-January.  I was getting bored of Project Life, photography-wise.  I'm still completing Project Life but with a Capture Your 365 twist.  I'm also in the One Little Word class.  My word is "fun", in case you didn't figure it out yet.  With these 3 creative groups I am pretty much filled with creative direction for the year.  Plus to be honest, I'm not aware of any other creative groups to join.  These 3 groups are overlapping.  The instructors are not affiliated with each other but they are all friends, I guess, recommending each other.  And it is not uncommon to find people like me who do all 3.

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