Monday, December 31, 2012

Reviewing NY resolutions

I'm checking in on my 2012 resolutions.

  1. The resolution: Going to work on my cookbook, testing and photographing recipes.  I'm going for 2 a month.  The reality: it's not possible to focus on new recipes with toddlers hanging on your legs or running amok in the grocery store when you're looking for ingredients.
  2. The resolution: I'm joining the My365 photography project, which is basically just taking a photo every day.  The reality: success!
  3. The resolution: Menu planning. My nemesis. The reality: semi-successful.  Still on my list for 2013.
  4. The resolution: I have a genealogy research project I am working on. I do not know how long it will take me to finish. I decided a good goal would simply be to try to work on it for at least a few minutes every week.  The reality: fail.  This resolution was made when I was working 15 hours a week.  I now have a 30+ schedule, making this even more challenging.
  5. The resolution: Cull extraneous clutter from our home. The reality: this was a team resolution between Mike and me.  I did my part.  And now that we're moving, I can say for certain that I personally will not be packing anything that I won't care to unpack.
  6. The resolution: develop a software app.  The reality: after researching the legal side of developing, patenting, and copyrighting a software app, I changed my mind.

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