Sunday, November 11, 2012

This is ourselves under pressure

Mike and I are reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  Thanks to Kindle app we can both read it at the same time.  I haven't finished it yet so this isn't a proper book review, but we're both enjoying the book and getting a lot of discussion material from it.

As part of my own happiness project I considered starting a women's preparedness Meetup.  I thought this might be insane, given my busy schedule, but all signs seem to be pointing to "yes" I should do this.  After becoming 99% sure that I should proceed, I received yet one more sign that this is right for me.  And so I organized a new group. It won't be live on Meetup for a few more days.  I wonder what will happen.

Something that is addressed in The Happiness Project is the concept that it is ok and even fun to fail.  I don't anticipate that my Meetup will fail.  But I do think it is possible that it won't meet my expectations.  The reason why that is ok is because the Meetup will force me to organize my notes in preparation for teaching, and will force me to sharpen my skills and keep them current.  Both of these things are my true goals and therefore make me happy.

Baby crying so I have to sign off...

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