Sunday, September 09, 2012

My new mini-project

Although I hardly have time for a new hobby...

I adopted a local pioneer cemetery in an effort to complete the documentation for that cemetery on  I'd say there are about 3000 graves there and almost all the names and dates are already on findagrave, and a whole bunch have been photographed, but not all.  So in spite of being as busy as I am, I just kept thinking it probably wouldn't take me too long to finish the job, and the cemetery is near my house, so I feel like I have to do it.

I took the kids there yesterday and I photographed maybe half of one of the four gardens.  Mae doesn't like running around on grass too much yet, so I ended up having to hold her in one arm and my camera with the other.

Here is Libby trying to convince Mae to walk up the hill to me.

Since Oregon is not that old, the headstones are mostly less than 100 years old and in good condition.  That is good, since I actually need to be able to read them.  I only found one yesterday that looks like this:

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