Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm e-famous

I haven't paid attention to my statcounter in years.

Then recently, Blogger revised their interface so the blog owner can actually see some of the stats they keep.  That's when I found that My365 project is getting a huge amount of activity in spite of the fact that it's not advertised.  I'm still trying to figure out which of my photos are getting the most hits.  I tried installing a real (not Blogger-related) statcounter, but it's not working.

At any rate, this led me to look at my existing statcounter which showed me that my Amtrak review is enormously popular, followed by my no-chocolate recipes, which, as it turns out...are all over Pinterest!! I had no idea!! So far through my statcounter I have found 2 of my recipes that were "pinned" several months ago, before I even knew what Pinterest was!

I ran downstairs yelling to Mike that complete strangers had "pinned" my posts.  "Honey!  You're e-famous!" he replied, as I did a victory dance.

Btw I am not all that impressed with Pinterest.  The idea is pretty good, but it's not perfect.  If you want to tag and bookmark websites then I recommend Evernote.  Pinterest is way too tied in with Facebook, and only allows you to pin photos (so you can't just use it to bookmark the DMV website, for example).  Also, a complaint not related to the actual software, a lot of what people are pinning is spam or crap.  I had no idea how many DIY blogs there were in this world, all trying to make a profession of it.  I'm glad I just do this for fun.

I have tried 3 of the things I found through Pinterest and none of them turned out very good.

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