Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bridgetown Sextet

I've been following a local band on FB for probably a year now.  They are the Bridgetown Sextet.  I don't remember how I found out about them, but I think it was a link through a swing dance group which led me to a link to a restaurant or something and eventually I zeroed in on this band that plays New Orleans style swing.  They only play once every couple of months or so, and so it took this long for them to play on a night when Mike didn't have to work and we were able to get a sitter.  They definitely met my expectations and were worth following their schedule for a year! 

We saw them at a supperclub called Tony's Starlight, and since Mike and I were first to arrive, we were practically seated on the stage.  Well, to be honest my foot actually was on the stage, although my seat was not.

Here's a photo re-run from My365+1.  The prompt was "Music", and I thought this was appropriate.  Yes, I was sitting that close.

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