Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A few people have commented to me that they know I must be busy since I haven't updated in a while, including Libby's and Mae's monthly blog posts.  Sorry about that.  It is good news that we are so busy.  Mike has a new job and I do as well.  Mine is not really "new", but I transferred to a different department and more than doubled my work hours all at once.  At the same time I accepted a post with the nonprofit group that I used to work for.  This all happened practically on the same day and we have been quite busy since then. 

I have just returned from brief business travel, and am really happy with the results as well as with the fact that the baby girls (and Mike) handled my absence beautifully.  It allowed me to accept another travel assignment for May.

I had to lift my flying embargo since it was for work, but I didn't like the fact that TSA literally unpacked my checked suitcase 3 times.  First of all, 3 times is a bit overkill since I only was on 2 flights.  Yes, it appears the Ontario TSA were so completely bored that they searched my checked bag twice and then politely notified me of it, twice.  I don't blame them for being bored.  There were only 2 airplanes there.  Mine and one other.  I see why that airport is in danger of being shut down.  Second of all I do mean they unpacked my bag...not opened it and viewed the contents, but actually unpacked it.  The reason it was such a suitcase of interest is because on my outbound flight I had packed one laptop and on the way home I had packed 2 laptops.  Evidently for each laptop you pack you must allow TSA to unpack your entire bag.  It probably didn't help me that I got to the airport way freaking early each time and even PDX was nearly dead at the time that I arrived (though it got busy later).  PDX TSA neatly re-packed my bag so that I almost would not have known they were there, except for the fact that my zippers were moved and they had left me a polite note in the interior pocket of my zipped up laptop bag which was belted onto the bottom of my suitcase.  Ontario TSA did not neatly repack my bag.  I will have to leave instructions inside my suitcase next time!

On the way into PDX I saw the Cirque du Soleil tent from the air, which made me smile.  I also noticed that PDX has 6 F-18s.  There were 4 on the ground and 2 taking off as we taxied in.  I have seen them around Portland for the last few weeks and started to wonder if it was just me thinking everything looks like a jet fighter.  Now I know I'm not crazy.  I'd like to know why they are here but I haven't had time to check the news online.

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Vonnie said...

I'm glad you made it here and back again safely! :)


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