Saturday, March 03, 2012

My365+1 update

I may have to move My365+1 because the current site just does not load correctly. I recommend rather than the usual home page, but even that one can be iffy.

My NY resolutions were more difficult to keep in February, but they aren't abandoned.

I am getting much more out of My365+1 then I ever thought I would.  Taking a photo a day is easy, especially when you truly only have a minute or less, and you give yourself permission to NOT get all perfectionist about the photo.  At the end of the year, we're going to have a great yearbook of 2012, and though each photo separately might appear mundane, together they will make a wonderful scrapbook showing what we were doing all year.

Without the photo prompts, I seriously doubt I would be taking the types of pictures that I'm now taking.  And that's what the project is all about.  Taking photos when you feel like you've already photographed "everything".  Challenging yourself with prompts that initially make you say, "that's stupid."

In March, the project owner set up the prompts in theme weeks.  There is Composition Week (photo lessons, obviously), Food Week, Lego Week, and Crayon Week.

Let's discuss Lego Week.  The project owner happens to be one of those photographers who likes setting up macro shots that are optical illusions to make you think they are life-size shots.  Except she uses Lego people as the subjects, so they are clearly not life-size shots.  In addition to all her other hobbies, she loves to shoot Lego people. 

I do not own any Lego people and I'm not good at macro optical illusions, so I announced that I would not be participating in Lego Week.  Within an hour, the universe sent me a little Lego person.  I will not go into details except to say that the circumstances under which I received said Lego person are so coincidental and mysterious that I have no doubt that the universe sent me a Lego person.  It's a little scuba diver, I think, with a missing hand.  But no matter about the hand.  I am clearly meant to participate in Lego Week.  So when you see Lego Week, all my photos will star the one-handed scuba diver.

Now, about Crayon Week.  Crayons are another of this particular photog's obsessions.  She has already posted many crayon photos and gotten other participants to do the same.  And now, a whole week of crayon-specific assignments?  Really?  But that's the challenge.  How to shoot 7 days of crayons in unique and beautiful ways.  You'll just have to wait and see what I do.  And trust me, I would never have shot crayons for 7 days if not for my involvement in Capture Your 365.

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