Monday, November 07, 2011

Not much to report from the home front. It was a typical week. Except for the fact that we had houseguests on Saturday night. A friend of mine and her school-age daughter. Both Libby and Mae were quite taken with them, after they had time to warm up to the guests. A side bonus of having 2 guests over…I got to have my hands free for a few minutes.

We celebrated Halloween on Monday. I meant for Mae to wear Libby’s witch costume from last year, and I got Libby a new witch costume for this year. I got it a few days before Halloween, so it was already on clearance for $11. It was a witch dress and hat. I didn’t really like the style of the dress…I just wanted the hat. So I picked up the black pants and Tshirt that I have previously blogged about. I did try to get her to wear the dress, but she kept saying “no, no”. I said, “just try it on.” So she did, but then stood there with the saddest face, so I let her take it off. I thought we might go trick-or-treating at the shopping center, but Libby napped all through it, so when she woke up, we just passed out candy at home. I rented Nightmare Before Xmas in HD, which I got for free somehow, so that was nice. Some kind of promotion I wasn’t aware of, I guess. I wonder how many more free rentals I have? Anyway, the movie actually put me in the Xmas spirit. Before that, I had been complaining to DH and to my sister that I just couldn’t get on board with our usual planning.

But now I’m ok with it, and the plans and budgets are already made. I feel very relaxed, as if I can enjoy the season more than I have in several years. I got Libby a cute Thanksgiving book. Well, it’s really a counting book about a family that goes grocery shopping to cook a feast. But it could be a Thanksgiving feast. I’m considering having Thanksgiving catered this year. We do like to cook, but we also have very little family time, and I think it could be a holiday from cooking. I haven’t run this by DH yet.

I injured my foot a few weeks ago, running down the stairs with a beetle in the dustbuster.  I hate bugs!  Thought I might have broken a toe.  It didn't swell, so I guess not.  But it still hurts. 

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