Friday, October 07, 2011

I am writing this in Word because I am really tired of this HP laptop deleting my posts before I am done. Even though Blogger claims to auto-save my work every few seconds, there seems to be some evil HP keystroke that still manages to delete all my work instantaneously. At least with the Word file I can save or use the undo button, if my keyboard refused to work.

So I re-write what I wrote earlier tonight. I am sleepy, so I hope it ends up coherent.

An ugly act of disrespect (some time ago) has led to positive changes in our family. In the last couple of days DH and I got a project done and my babies have been extremely happy, and I was able to forget the ugliness altogether.

I keep thinking about Steve Jobs. What a legacy to leave behind! How awesome it must have been for him to know that he changed the world. And not the way most people claim to have changed the world, when they really mean they left a minor mark on it: I had a baby, so I changed the world. I wrote a novel, so I changed the world. And not in an anonymous way, like the person who invented Post-Its, or the person who invented sliced bread. And not in a posthumous way, like Van Gogh or all those people in the history books who said something that later influenced someone to do something important that later had long-reaching consequences after both people had died.

No, Steve Jobs invented things that we didn’t even know we wanted, and he changed the world and the way his competitors did business, and he did it quickly, not incrementally, so he knew he changed the world. And since it wasn’t anonymous, we all knew he changed the world. And since it wasn’t posthumous, he knew that we knew. Such a rare occurrence, and not since Walt Disney has there been such a respected CEO.

And now I will cut/paste into Blogger and say goodnight.

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