Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting Good At Starting Over...Again...and Again...

The nanny spent the whole night at our house and DH took her to the urgent care center in the morning.  She went home after but was too sick to call me, so her husband called me to let me know she was home.  I don't even know what was wrong but now we are thinking maybe an inner ear thing.

DH and I spent 2 evenings recently working out a new family schedule, which is now voided before it even became routine.  A series of unfortunate events actually led us to something better, so we are now testing out a new-new routine.

A good day today.  Got lots of work done and the babies were happy.  Tried out a sweet and sour chicken pantry meal.  Pantry meal means no fresh ingredients, therefore it can be stored a long time and you can go to this meal when you forgot to go to the grocery store, for example.

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