Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bucket List

I was challenged by a fellow blogger to write a bucket list containing 15 items.
I don't really like the idea of a bucket list, only because it seems like if I kicked the bucket, then people would look at my list and feel like I was failure for not accomplishing any of it.  And that wouldn't be true.  My bucket list is always changing, because I'm frequently doing things that I always wanted to do.  Like, getting a masters degree, joining the DAR, and living in a mountain cabin.

So here is my goal list at the moment. 

1. Swim with a dolphin.  I know, it's not very original as a goal, but trust me, I really, really want to!

2. Buy perfume in Paris.

3. Be a contestant on the TV show Top Shot.  Ok, not really.  I don't expect to be that good ever, and so I wouldn't be disappointed if I'm not on the show.  But I'd like to improve my marksmanship.  I think it would be fun, and probably a good skill to have for when the zombies arrive.  Or would it?  I'm not really sure how zombies react when shot...

4. Find out what to do when the zombies arrive.

5. See Italy.  This seems to be on everyone's bucket list.  We should all just move to Italy.  World peace would probably follow.

6. Write and publish a cookbook.  Self-publishing would be ok. 

7. Get a grownup camera and take the photos for my self-published cookbook.

8. Cruise 2015!  (My mantra)

9. Play the piano.  The trick here is to actually get a piano.  And then find the time to "learn" a couple of songs.  (I already know from experience that I can't really read music, I just play by rote, which I don't mind.)

10.  Discover a hidden treasure, preferably from a sunken pirate ship.

11. Get a camper van and RV across the states with my family.  Which may help with my next goal...

12.  Vist all 50 states.  I'm more than halfway done right now...28 states visited so far.

create your own personalized map of the USA

13. Attend a taping of Dancing With the Stars, preferably as a competitor.  This means I would either need to become a professional dancer, or a "star".  Since most of the celebs are simply famous for being famous, then maybe I could make it onto the show for being that famous cookbook-writer-photographer-who-discovered-a-sunken-pirate-ship.  Or, as DH suggested when I asked him for advice on the quickest way to become famous, I could commit a crime.  Well, I'd just have to be accused to become famous.  I couldn't really be guilty or I probably would not make it onto the show.

14.  See a teacup pig with my own eyes.  Are those things real??

15.  Get one freakin' stamp in my passport.  Which I can probably accomplish with #8.

What's on your list?

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