Monday, September 26, 2011

White girl, organized

So, in an attempt to organize my thoughts (which are just a stream-of-consciousness to-do list), I decided I needed a spiral notebook with tabs, that is small enough to fit in my purse.  I found it at Target in the form of an Oxford Just-Flip-It.  This way I can use tabs to categorize my projects, and individual index cards to further sub-categorize.

I had been using my phone for notes, but it's too cumbersome to type on the little screen, and it lacks my genius category-sub-category filing system.  So now I don't need to type everything into my phone, but I still need my phone to be "smart" and access the Internet.

This means that to be truly organized I have to carry my phone, note cards, and a pen with me at all times.

I am reminded of the brilliant Stuff White People Like entry about moleskine notebooks.  Specifically the best line, about how white people put their ideas into computers, unless it's a great idea and then they write it down by hand.  The whole entry is freaking hilarious though, click on the link above to read it in full. 

They had moleskine notebooks at Target, but they are not spiral-bound, so I was able to resist them.  I need my notebook to lay flat.  I imagine though, that I am not otherwise excused from my extremely white behavior.

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