Thursday, September 29, 2011

One of my neighbors appears to be a hoarder.  It's a family of 3 adults, I think.  They leave their garage door open much of the time, and inside the garage is a ginormous mountain of stuff.  There is a narrow walkway on either side of the mountain, but otherwise, it's just a rounded huge mountain that is the size of the garage.  I looked for a suitable image on Google that I could paste here for an example, but I couldn't find one.  All the garage-hoarder photos were actually insufficient to show the size of this pile, or were too neat (garage was full of stacks).  This is a true pile, a precarious pile, not a bunch of stacks.  I will have to stealthily take a photo when I can.  The eldest of the 3 adults frequently sits in a chair outside.  I'll need to be careful not to take the photo while he is there.  When I first encountered the pile, I stopped and stared and started laughing out load, and THEN I saw the old man watching me, so I had to turn my laughter into a nod and "good morning".

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