Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mae had her 2-month checkup yesterday and is doing great.  She is sleeping less now.

Libby is starting to need a daily nap, but we're not used to having a nap in the schedule considering that she has never really napped before.  But she wears out and gets really sad/cranky early in the evening.  She went to bed early tonight as a result, so I guess she'll be up early in the morning.  Sux for me because it's after midnight and I'm still not asleep. 

The babies are on kind of different sleep schedules, so this is challenging for me to get my work done. 

DH started night shift tonight.  I thought it was only going to be for 6 months while he finishes a masters degree, but now we're looking at 18 months.  Someone at the school couldn't figure out the difference between 2012 and 2013.  Disappointing.

I can't remember anything else from the last 2 days, thus ends my update.

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