Thursday, August 18, 2011

Took Libby for a checkup yesterday.  Her new doctor is nice.  Hope we get to stay with him.  She has eczema, which I hope she outgrows.  But it's controlled with moisturizer, so I guess that's not so bad.  Also the doctor said the fact that she knows how to say words, but refuses to use them, is normal.  Ok then.

I made a new dessert tonight, a coconut chocolate layered bar.  Speaking of cooking, I've decided to try to find a literary agent to sell publishers on a cookbook idea I've had for a long time.  I had previously said I had no interest in selling my idea, but I didn't know really anything about the publishing world, and it recently occurred to me that I sell the idea before I actually have to finish the book.  So I thought it might be a fun project for me (collecting rejection letters).  I still don't really know anything about the publishing world, but I've done a little research and I guess to start, I need to submit a query, along with some sample recipes, the book's introduction, and some simple marketing ideas.  That means I need to write the book's introduction...I only have a brief paragraph written so far.  Also I need a list of agents who work with cookbook publishers.  I'm a little nervous about writing the intro.  But since this is just a hobby and I don't have any money riding on this, it's more fun than nerve-wracking, I think.

After looking at the new Ikea catalog, I took one idea that would work for us, and this led to Mike and I coming up with a new layout for our living room.  Living space.  The area of our open floor plan that has the sofa and TV.  It's not really a room.  We can only do this after the girls are asleep, so who knows when that will be.

Today is an anniversary.  Eight years ago, Mike and I met for a dance lesson at The Derby.  I reminded him of the date this morning.  He thought about it, and he said, "I was late."  ha ha!  I had forgotten about that.

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