Tuesday, August 09, 2011

This house is made of cardboard

We dropped off our niece at the airport today...sniff...

One thing she was helping us with was some final unpacking and decorating.  We like to use the 3M velcro-type things to hang pictures on the wall.  It makes the frames easy to move, and there is no damage to the wall to patch and paint afterward.  These have worked well for us in our last 3 homes, but in our current house, the walls seem to be too textured, and this is made worse by the use of glossy paint in many of the rooms.  The stickers just don't seem to hold well.  Some heavy frames, and one not-so-heavy frame, have fallen off the wall straight to the floor.  Little to no damage to the frames, but they left significant damage to the baseboards, even if the frame was small and lightweight.  Why?  Because THE BASEBOARDS ARE MADE OF PAPER!!!! 

I have never seen such a thing before.

They look like regular wood baseboards.  But they aren't.  The pieces we picked up off the floor are similar to corrugated cardboard, only lighter weight than that.  Utterly bizarre.

We have similar complaints about our faux-wood floors which can be scratched by a single stray grain of kitty litter underfoot, and the exterior of the home which more closely resembles cardboard than wood, as well.  Oh yeah, and the completely unusable back "yard", though that is not the fault of the builder so much as the property owner.

Although we still love living here, it's the love only a renter could have.  We've added many things to our wish list for the home we'll buy someday.  We now know that we'll be looking for a home built in the '70s or prior.

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