Sunday, July 03, 2011

I don't hate to cook

A couple days ago I downloaded some free public domain (antique) cookbooks for my Kindle app.  They aren't very good.  But today I got a sales pitch email from Amazon offering me some new cookbooks which did look really, really good.  I don't cook all that often, but I do really enjoy it.  In the next phase of my life, which I expect may start a year from now (or more), I intend to do a lot more cooking.  Right now it is not possible unless Libby is asleep or unless I have extra time to pay a babysitter.  A toddler in the kitchen means a helper who wants to play in the fridge or the cupboards or see what's on the stovetop.

We visited a couple more doctors who still disagree on what the bug is that we all have.  But Mike seems to have hit on a cure by turning our house into a giant humidifier.  We have been boiling huge pots of water on the stove for close to 24 hours now, and although we are certainly not cured, there is definite improvement in our symptoms.  I really do not want to have bronchitis when I go into labor.  That is not going to help with a successful normal delivery.

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