Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Entertainment kitchens

In real estate today, it is very trendy to have what is called an "entertainment kitchen", aka a giant kitchen that doubles as a restaurant kitchen so you can cater your own giant company parties in your house.  I understand that if you do NOT have an entertainment kitchen, the resale value of your home drops.  This is in spite of the fact that almost no one caters their own giant company parties at their home.

In our house hunting, the houses we've looked at all have what the agent describes as a "country kitchen", which I assume is real estate speak for "small" or even "regular size".

We do not have an entertainment kitchen.  In fact, our kitchen is pretty badly laid out so that even though it's got a decent "regular size" kitchen footprint, it oddly enough has virtually no workspace at all.  All of the existing counterspace is broken up by appliances or is located in a place where you can not stand and work.  It's really kind of strange, but I never realized how strange until we started house hunting and viewing other kitchens that seemed to be the same size as ours and yet had a full wall of unbroken counterspace.

At any rate, this does not stop us from using our kitchen to the max.  We spent all day today putting up freezer meals to be given to a friend.  It is kind of a joke to do such big tasks with no counterspace.  I would post a photo of the aftermath, but you might be frightened.  So I won't.

I think our real estate agent will like us because we won't demand an entertainment kitchen.  A kitchen with any counterspace at all will make us very happy.

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