Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coffee post

Yesterday the part I ordered for the dishwasher arrived, and thanks to schematics posted on sears.com, we were able to install the part by ourselves! And the dishwasher actually works!  We were very excited and I was able to cancel the $120 service call for later this week.

Plumber came and installed our new faucet.  The old one had a separate water filter, but evidently that is obsolete technology now, so our new faucet has no filter option.  I will probably look into getting something a little more high-tech than our Brita pitcher at some point.  Unfortunately the water quality in this rural area is not as pure as you might think, and certainly not as pure as we were led to believe when we moved in.  Um, at our place you would think the water came from "mountain springs".  But if it does, those springs have frogs and lead in them.  Part of the issue, I think, is simply the water district staff, which consists of one guy who complains a lot.  I find his behavior rather unprofessional from time to time, but I am told by my landlord that that is rural living and I'm supposed to think it's cute or something.

I am not out of coffee yet but I have a blog post to do for Libby now, see you over there.

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