Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shiver in my bones just thinking about the weather

It's been a strange day. Started snowing last night, not exactly unexpectedly, but sheesh isn't it nice to be the weatherman! It must have started snowing about an hour after he announced that it would not snow. Since then, the forecast has gone from 2 days of snow to 2 days of sun.

Baby woke up around 8am, which is a bit unusual (she usually sleeps til at least 10 and more usually til noon), so I expected her to drink her bot and then go back to sleep, but she did not go back to sleep until 1:30.  Then she slept for 4 hours.  She is not a napper, so I was kind of surprised, but it was a nice relief to me since the babysitter could not come today due to the icy roads.  I was able to get some paying work done anyway.

So now it is dinnertime and we are doing our afternoon routine.  It's dark and freezing outside, but pleasant inside our strange little mountain house.  Last winter I had nearly all of the heating vents blocked off due to a bad smell coming through.  Now a year later, there is no such smell and I have been able to remove all of the vent covers.  The shower drain does not smell (yet) either...last year the water pipes smelled bad after the first freeze, which occurred when we were out of town.  All in all we are faring much better at this time.

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