Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Silver Falls and the Case of the Mysterious Pepsi Can

We recently revisited Silver Falls State Park for the 2nd time.  There is a lot to see there and we only saw one end of it when we went some time ago, and it was raining that day.  We wanted to see it on a sunny day.  Since it is famous for waterfalls, in a way it is not that spectacular on a sunny day in August.  The fall we saw was rather weak, but it was also fascinating because you could walk right up to the top of the fall itself.  Of course there was a fence a few feet from the drop, but it was a low fence so it was almost tempting to climb over and have someone take your picture standing at the top of the falls.  Especially since the flow at the top was not much more than a trickle and about 2 inches deep, so you had no fear of rapids causing you to lose your balance and go over.  But in case you are wondering, we did not give in to temptation.

The park has nice paved walkways, so now we know we can bring a stroller next time.  We met another family with a 3-month old baby in a stroller, and their baby was ugly! ha!

Along the paved walkway, DH saw this old Pepsi can underneath a bush.  It looks like from the '70s.  I thought this was really weird.  How could it have been under the bush, but in plain sight, since the '70s?  I looked up to see if there was a hill or something higher it could have been recently dislodged from and fallen to its current location.  But there was nothing like that.  We weren't off the beaten path.  We were actually on the main path back to the parking lot.  I do not understand how this came to be.

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