Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drop Everything and Write

I was referred to as a "writer" the other day, and it gave me pause.  I was flattered to hear it and definitely liked the sound of it, but it had not occurred to me until that point that I might be considered a writer.  "Writer" was something that, in my head, I still aspired to be someday.  Due to time constraints, especially after Liberty's arrival, my blog posts are off the cuff, coming out of my fingertips without a whole lot of thought given to crafty wording.  I guess I did not feel like I could be called a writer until I had taken great pains to produce something written.

I'm afraid that especially now, after Liberty's arrival, it is even less likely that I will be able to carefully construct a perfectly brilliant essay in this blog.  But I will accept the compliment in the spirit in which it was given, and continue to try make the blog worth reading.

Before Liberty (BL), I tended to blog about what I did each day.  I suspect now that the tone of the blog will change, because at the moment most days are the same and it would be a boring story.  Feeding, diapering, napping, laundry, dishes, repeat.  It will be more of a challenge to write something interesting, but now that I know I am a writer, I am up to the task.

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