Monday, March 22, 2010

I couldn't do my Sunday coffee update yesterday because our internet connections were all down. We have 3 Verizon accounts and none of them were working, so I guess there was an issue with them, not us. Finally came back on in the p.m.

Saturday was sunny and up to 70 degrees in some places in OR. We started seeds indoors as well as planting several on the patio in containers. We have strawberries, many many varieties of tomatoes, and a few peppers and herbs. It was so easy to grow things in Montrose. We didn't even have to try, and the growing season was so long compared to the mountain house. I wonder what will happen. I loved growing tomatoes in Montrose, so that is why DH bought so many varieties for me this year. As a kid I remember I did not care for tomatoes, but at some point my palate changed and now I love them.

I'm getting more uncomfortable by the day. Too many symptoms to list, but the worst is a literal tearing sensation at the top of my belly. I keep having to pull my shirt up to check that I haven't actually ripped open.

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