Friday, October 16, 2009

So simple a child could do it

I have made a decision about the wedding. It is one of the top 3 decisions that all the wedding planners tell you NOT to make. But Dallas has left me with no choice.

I am going to make my own wedding cake.

Ok. really, I am making cupcakes. But it is one of the decisions that all the magazines and websites say not to do, and apparently is very tempting for many brides, but they say don't do it even if you are a professional cake baker. But I looked at about 50 cupcake websites for the Dallas area, and about half of them have gone out of business and the other half did not have any designs that impressed me.

And then I recalled testing cupcake bakeries in Chicago and Portland and also deciding in all cases that my own cupcakes were better.

The odd thing is that the designs I have in mind are extremely simple; so simple that I'm sure a child could decorate these cupcakes. And yet I could not find a bakery that seemed up to the task. So, I say, if a child could do it, then why not me. Why not me in my hotel room the day before the wedding?

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Kellie said...

You can do it! I grew my own flowers - and my wedding was in October, so it wasn't easy.


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