Friday, July 17, 2009

Let it be me

First, a notice. Henceforth, the boyfriend will be referred to as "Patrick Henry" (his choice), or "PH" for short (my choice), and I have to take down all the photos. You can still see him on FB if you are my friend. Otherwise, his job requires that we secure his non-work life a little bit more.

Last week I went to D.C. and had a great time. As soon as I got back, they have me working like a dang slave so that I do not have time to update blogs or go grocery shopping or housework or anything. And I really, really hate working 12 hours a day or really even 8 hours a day at this point in my career. Every time they announce there will be a couple of "actions" which is code for "layoffs", I say, "please let one of them be me" which some people find funny, and some do not.

So this was one of those 60-hours weeks and I'm not really even done with this week's work. So that is why I haven't posted much lately.

Here is a photo of me headed to a "gala" in D.C.

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