Tuesday, May 05, 2009

That's not my name

Today a client called me by the wrong last name, Black instead of Brown, and the office thought it was hilarious. Which it kind of was. I answer to just about anything. I'm not the kind of person who gets offended by names or mis-names. But people usually mess up my first name, not my last.

Maybe I've told this story before, but I can't find it. So skip to the next paragraph if you've heard this before. When I was little I was playing with a neighbor kid. I asked her what her last name was. She said "Brown". I laughed so hard. "A color? Your name is a color?" Little did I know I was dooming myself.

I work with a couple of people named White. I find it especially funny when we work together as Brown and White because they are African American. It's such a shame the company doesn't have some kind of talent show or something where we could get together and do something witty as Brown and White.

Another Brown and White combo is me and PH, actually. His family name is White.

In the end, the joke is on me, since Brown isn't really my name anyway. I've always thought of it as more of a pseudonym.

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