Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My best frugal tip

PH sent me a funny article about penny-pinchers going nuts with the frugality lately. So I thought I'd share my very best frugal tip, which I learned from Flylady. Don't buy dryer sheets, and don't put the liquid fabric softener in the wash. Instead you pour some liquid fabric on a rag and use that as a dryer sheet. Hey, you can be eco-friendly in spite of yourself, if you do this. And you will use way less liquid fabric softener because you don't have to refresh the cloth every time.

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Kellie said...

We have those plastic balls with the spikes on them. Just throw a few into the dryer and don't use any softener at all. They work quite well, except that of course there's no scent to them.

Another recommendation: there's a paper towel replacement that you can use to absorb liquid, called a euro-wipe or something like that. They cost about $4 each at a natural foods store. I keep it folded up where my sponge is on the sink and use it to wipe up little puddles instead of pulling out a piece of paper towel. Works great.


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