Saturday, December 06, 2008

It's lovely weather for a toy ride

I got to be in a parade today. It was the Shriners' Toy Ride, and Patrick Henry went with his motorcycle gang and brought me along. I don't know how many bikes showed up, but the parade must have been several miles long. There were so many bikes. Everyone brought at least one toy to donate to Shriners Hospital. Lots of bikes had stuffed animals on the bike. There were lots of Santa riders, too. The ride itself wasn't very long. We left from this rallying point pictured, and drove through downtown Portland and up to the hospital. There were parade marshalls and police escorts and they blocked off streets and intersections for us. Lots of people lined the streets to watch. Some came out on purpose and I suppose some people were just trapped by the traffic cop. Most people were smiling and waving and taking pictures. I waved back. That part was fun.

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