Saturday, September 20, 2008

Don't tell me what I can't print

At work, we have standard email signatures that we are required to use, to aid in branding and to avoid lame signatures and misspellings.

Lately, many people have added a tiny (and forbidden) statement to their signatures. It's this tiny green logo that I think is supposed to be a tree, and then a statement like "Think green; not every email needs to be printed." or "Print only when necessary".

I hate this.

Do these people think that the statement is going to make me think twice about my printing habits? And who prints out emails anyway? Is printing one less email going to make an impact?

So even though (as I mentioned a couple days ago) I run a totally paperless office anyway, I'm tempted to add my own tiny statement that says "Don't tell me what I can't print."

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