Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Portland and Starbucks

I keep telling people that Portland has more Starbucks than I've ever seen in my life. You know that scene in Shrek where they run out of one Starbucks across the street into another Starbucks? That's how it is in Portland. There is a Starbucks everywhere you look. I have seen a Starbucks built immediately next door to a Peet's. Sharing a wall in the strip mall. At the bottom of the hill I live on, there's a grocery store with a Starbucks inside. Next door to the grocery store is a bank (again, sharing a wall, it's not even a separate building). Next door to the bank is another Starbucks. As you exit the Starbucks parking lot onto the street, there is a little billboard that directs you to another Starbucks a mile up the hill. As if you are going to say to yourself, "Thank God there is another Starbucks only a mile away. Seeing as how I am now exiting one Starbucks, I don't know how I would make it one more mile without another."

Here are some statistics we looked up on Google.

There's approximately 1 million people living in Portland, and there are 697 Starbucks.
By comparison, there's approximately 200,000 people living in Glendale, CA and there are 12 Starbucks.

Mike says he's going to give people driving directions to our house in terms of Starbucks. As in, pass 3 Starbucks and then make a left at the 4th Starbucks. Proceed past 2 Starbucks and make a right. This would actually work for us since the driveway to our apartment building is across the street from Starbucks. And as I mentioned before, this is a small community in the forest.

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