Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The house is nearly empty now. Our POD was picked up yesterday, and today I hauled out lots of garbage and donated lots more to Salvation Army. Mike sold our fridge on Craigslist, and that left today too. I called to get electricity at our new place, and confirmed with the landlord that we'll be there Friday and need our keys right away. Good thing I confirmed, too, because she said they were going to be closed that day. They agreed to meet us first thing in the morning before they shut down for the day. I arranged for a cleaning service to come on Thursday. This place is so filthy, like, where the fridge used to be. Eww. All this today while Mike was in the hospital all day getting stitches in his tongue. Yeah, he bit his tongue and managed to bite through an artery. Eww, again. He managed to gross out the nurses in the ER, right before he passed out from losing a quart and half of blood. Through his tongue. He is fine now, talking normally and eating milkshakes. I hope this is the worst thing to happen during the move. So far we've also dealt with a fire extinguisher going off in the POD (unexpectedly), Jack having a close call with a coyote, and a broken hot water heater that made our joke about "camping" in our empty house become that much more true. Well, I guess it makes it that much easier to leave, knowing we have a clean hot shower to look forward to.

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