Saturday, August 16, 2008

Heat wave

We haven't made much of a dent in the final unpacking and furniture moving. The heat wave that we initially scoffed at has made it very challenging to get anything done at all. We went to Lowe's and Home Depot to try to find a portable air conditioning unit, without much hope of actually finding one. Those places tend to have a run on a/c units during heat waves. We did not find a portable unit - and oddly enough, the employees at both stores seemed never to have heard of them - but there were 1.5 window units available. One new one and one that had apparently been dropped a couple of times, but Home Depot had it out for sale anyway. We decided not to go for the window unit and instead Mike fashioned a home made swamp cooler out of a bucket, fan, roll of copper tubing, aquarium pump, and many bags of ice.

The few locals that we've talked to have all advised us not to invest in an air conditioning unit, since it is rare to need one around here. However, it should be noted that all of these same people have themselves invested in air conditioners.

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Shannon Kristine Croft said...

The same thing was told to us when we lived in Hayward - that A/C was not needed. I was shocked that our apartment had no air conditioning. After several months of a miserable summer, we bought a window unit and were the envy of our neighbors.


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