Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kool Ties to keep cool in summer

Mike and I recently went to REI to see if they have anything new that we don't already have, haha.

The only thing I could find was something called a Kool Tie. It is like a Chillow for your neck. Don't know what a Chillow is? It's a pillow that that you fill with water. Inside the pillow is some sort of foam thing with some sort of chemical, I guess, that reacts with water and has a refrigerating effect. It's awesome, but you have to keep the cats away because their claws will pop the Chillow and then the water runs out.

I don't think Kool Tie will pop. It is sort of a tubular bandana meant to be tied around your neck. Inside the tube are little foam beads, I assume treated with the same chemical that Chillow uses. You soak the Kool Tie in water for about 45 minutes. The beads fill up with water and expand, and the whole tie gets cool all by itself without refrigeration. It stays wet for a really long time.

We will definitely be bringing our Kool Ties with us when we go to D.C. for July 4th!

You can go to their website, kooltie.com, and register to win a free Kool Tie. They have drawings once a week.

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